President King24 to the Assistant Secretary of State (Dearing)

My Dear Mr. Secretary: It is the earnest desire of the Liberian Government to bring to an early and final settlement the very perplexing question of the Franco-Liberian Boundary delimitation.25

I respectfully request the Department to use its good offices with the French Government towards the end of obtaining their consent to resume and complete as soon as possible the delimitation of the boundary.

In this connection I have to also request the Department to furnish the Liberian Government with a competent assistant to Commissioner Daves for purposes of the boundary survey.

I am [etc.]

C. D. B. King
  1. President King had come to Washington in 1921 as head of the Liberian financial mission; see Foreign Relations, 1921, vol. ii, pp. 363 ff.
  2. For settlement effected by boundary commission, see French note, Feb. 2, 1911, ibid., 1911, p. 345; for continuation of the delimitation question, see note of July 19, 1912, from the French Chargé, ibid., 1912, p. 683.