882.51/1472: Telegram

The Minister in Liberia ( Hood ) to the Secretary of State

16. [From President King]:

The financial situation anticipated in my letter of November 8th, 1921,13 now confronts this Government. The credit limit under bank agreement will be definitely reached in April, current, the exact balance of credit being to date $11,514. The bank seems apprehensive of the uncertainty of time when loan plan will become operative and is therefore unwilling to extend further credit unless upon some definite security additional to that provided in their present agreement with this Government. Moreover, the uncertainty as to when the loan plan will receive congressional sanction causes political uneasiness and increases opposition against the administration because of a situation over which at present we have no control. Considering these grave circumstances it is my duty to request the early good offices of your Government regarding the subject of my letter aforesaid to which your Department made a very friendly reply. Furthermore in order to obviate any serious political friction generally or specifically against the administration some definite expression is urgently requested of your Government as to when the loan plan may be expected to receive congressional sanction. King, President, R. L.

  1. Not printed; see memorandum of a conversation between President King and the Assistant Secretary of State, Nov. 8, 1921, Foreign Relations, 1921, vol. ii, p. 390.