811.111 Quota/338: Telegram

The Chargé in Italy ( Gunther ) to the Secretary of State


240. Already Mussolini has indicated to me that he is anxious to have an increase in the quota of immigrants from Italy into the United States. He spoke of the possibility that emigrants might be selected to suit the needs of the United States and indicated that he hoped to have the number increased to 100,000 annually. As I suggested in my despatch 508, November 18, pages 3 and 4,9 the Italian Government will inevitably turn to increased immigration in order to decrease the amount of unemployment which is sure to grow with the carrying out of Mussolini’s program for a reduction in the numbers employed in the public services, Fascisti units, and armed forces. It may well be that Italian immigration will become the most important subject in the relations between Italy and the United States.

I would therefore suggest that if possible before the new Italian Ambassador brings up this question, I be given an instruction, even if it is premature, to say nothing more than that this problem is a matter of concern to you also. Mussolini is distinctly friendly in his attitude toward us.

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