264.11/3: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Minister in Hungary ( Brentano )

24. The Department desires you to address a note to the Foreign Office as follows:

“The benefits of Article 224 of the Treaty of Trianon relating to the revival of bilateral treaties or conventions made with the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy by nations described in that Treaty as the Allied and Associated Powers are among those secured to the United States by the Treaty with Hungary signed on August 29, 1921,1 to establish securely friendly relations between the two nations. According to paragraph (5) of Article II of that Treaty the period of time, namely six months, within which the United States is privileged to revive any bilateral treaty or convention concluded with the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, began to run from the date of the coming into force of that Treaty, that is, on December 17, 1921, the date on which ratifications of the Treaty were exchanged.

The Government of the United States desires to revive the Extradition Convention concluded on July 3, 1856,2 and the Copyright Convention concluded on January 30, 1912,3 by the United States with the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. By direction of my Government, I have the honor to give in its behalf to the Government of Hungary the official notification contemplated by Article 224 of the Treaty of Trianon to revive this Extradition Convention and this Copyright Convention. According to the terms of that Article, the revival will take place on this date.”

You will please have this note delivered to the Foreign Office on the date which the note bears in order that there may be no doubt as to the date on which these two Agreements are revived, and you will telegraph the Department the date of the note in which you make notification, which you will observe must be given before June 17, 1922.