The Secretary of State to the Haitian Minister (Blanchet)

The Secretary of State presents his compliments to the Minister of Haiti and has the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the Minister’s note of June 7, 1922, stating that the Haitian Government believes that it would serve the best interests of the Republic if new offers were received for the proposed bond issue.

The Haitian Government’s suggestion has received careful study, and the situation has been discussed with the bankers whose proposal was tentatively accepted by the Haitian Government in its memorandum of December 30, last.44 These bankers have now indicated that they desire to avoid any embarrassment which might arise from the understanding that further negotiations would be conducted exclusively with them, and that they, therefore, will make no request for preferential treatment in subsequent negotiations. Consequently, it would appear that new proposals may properly be received for the loan, and the American High Commissioner, at Port-au-Prince, has been instructed to discuss with the Haitian Government the procedure which should be followed in inviting these new proposals.

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