838.51/1281: Telegram

The High Commissioner in Haiti ( Russell ) to the Secretary of State

61. I have received the following note dated today from the Minister of Foreign Affairs:

(Translation) “In response to Your Excellency’s note of the first of this month repeating the note of April 15th41 addressed to my predecessor and [in order to put] into effect the engagements entered into by the Government preceding according to correspondence already exchanged, notably the [letter] of the Department of Foreign Affairs of January 31,42 I have the honor to inform you that the Haitian Government has noted that the Government of the United States renounces the stipulation of the protocol which fixed a period of 2 years during which the Republic of Haiti should execute the engagement provided for in article 6 to issue a loan of $40,000,000 provided always that the loan be contracted within a reasonable elate.

I am likewise charged always in view of the correspondence above referred to to confirm to Your Excellency that the Haitian Government is in accord with the Government of the United States for the issuance of the loan in taking into consideration the suggestions contained in the letter of the American representative dated April 15th.

[Page 497]

The Haitian Government also shares the opinion of the Government of the United States with respect to employment of the bonds and their proceeds.

We are pleased to learn that the new situation of the market permits the Haitian Government to count on more advantageous conditions than those offered up to now.”

This would seem to fulfill the requirements of the Department regarding the exchange of notes and until otherwise instructed I will accept this note as completing the exchange of notes desired by the American Government.

Minister for Foreign Affairs has informed also that the loan law is expected to be placed before the Council of State on the 5th.

  1. Text printed from corrected copy received June 7.
  2. See the Department’s instruction no. 2, Apr. 1, p. 488.
  3. See the Legation’s telegram no. 13, Jan. 31, p. 477.