838.51/1195: Telegram

The Chargé in Haiti ( Jordan ) to the Secretary of State

7. Department’s 4, January 16, 6 p.m. The Haitian Government in a note states that it takes note of the declaration of the Department of State and that it is disposed to authorize the Financial Adviser to enter into formal negotiations for a loan of the nature of the proposition of Lee, Higginson Company with certain modifications which will be carried in the loan law and which have been indicated in its memorandum of December 30th, 1921. The Haitian Government continues to hope to find, with the aid of the United States Government, an offer much more advantageous considering that at the present time the financial market seems to have improved. I am [Page 477] reliably informed that a representative of the Speyer-Blair group named Carl von Zielinski, 90 Wall Street, was recently in Haiti and had a personal interview with the President and several conferences with the Minister of Finance relative to a new offer of loan on better conditions than the preceding ones. The interviews and conference were kept secret and did not become known until after his departure for New York.