Mr. William G. Marvin34 to the Department of State

Dear Sirs: Two gentlemen representing the Grecian Government, came into my office this afternoon and asked for my active support in helping them effect a flotation of a loan for and on behalf of the Greek Government, amounting to approximately fifteen millions of dollars. They stated that the Government of Greece had sent a Special Envoy to this country, Mr. Papafranco, and that he was anxious to take up the matter of this loan with large bond houses in New York City, one or two of whom are my clients.

I am laboring under the impression that the present Government in Greece has not received the recognition of the United States Government. If I am correct in this assumption there might be some possible objection offered by our Government to the flotation of the loan here by the Royal Bank of Greece and the Grecian Government authorities. I am therefore writing to ask you as to whether the State Department would make any objection to the flotation of such a loan, and if so, on what grounds. I have as yet undertaken no negotiations regarding this matter and will undertake none until I receive your reply.

Yours very truly,

Wm. G. Marvin
  1. Member of the law firm of Marvin & Pleasants, New York City.