The Chargé in Greece (Caffery) to the Secretary of State

Greek Series No. 1009

Sir: With reference to previous correspondence on the subject of Greek-born American citizens being forced to serve in the Greek army, I have the honor to report that, since my arrival here, I have been able to secure the release of a number of these men from the Greek army. However, the Greek government informs me that these releases are not made as a matter of right, but as a favor, as under Greek law all men born in Greece owe military service to the Greek government.

In addition, the law passed January, 1914, stipulated that no Greek subject could be naturalized in a foreign country without previous permission of the Greek government.

I, of course, have informed the Greek Government that I could in no way admit the justice of their pretentions, and I am continuing to insist that no persons holding American passports be forced into the Greek army.

I have [etc.]

Jefferson Caffery