767.68/274: Telegram

The Consul General at Smyrna (Horton) to the Acting Secretary of State

Military situation extremely grave owing to exhaustion and low morale of Greek forces. Ushak and Kutay Aintab [Kutaya and Aidin?] were evacuated and burned yesterday. First army corps badly demoralized has retired to position west of Ushak. It has been joined by second corps which narrowly escaped being [captured?] by making wide detour. This force is now barring Turkish advance on Smyrna but is not dependable. Third army corps is at Eskishehir but will probably soon evacuate and burn the town. Reenforcing division expected to-day and others soon. My opinion is that situation is so serious that it cannot now be saved. Panic spreading among Christian population foreigners as well as Greeks and many are trying to leave. When demoralized Greek Army reaches Smyrna serious trouble more than possible and threats to burn the town are freely heard. In view of the above I respectfully request that cruiser be despatched to Smyrna to protect consulate and nationals.