811.7353b W 52/41: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Great Britain ( Harvey )

306. Department has received the following telegram from President of the Western Union:

“We are in receipt of the following cable from which it would appear that early action by your Department in instructing the Embassy at London might result in the Foreign Office withdrawing their opposition to our landing at the Azores, signed Newcomb Carlton.

‘London, October 5, Carlton, New York. Kerr returned from Lisbon says at last interview Prime Minister gave assurances that in spite Eastern Telegraph Company opposition withdrawal of modifications which is now agreed to by Commission of Senate is assured. Prime Minister also stated that most opposition can do is to delay but cannot prevent ratification. Prime Minister definitely said whole question would be immediately settled if British Foreign Office instructed its representative Lisbon to withdraw opposition. Kerr confidentially informed by United States Embassy, London, that question at present in suspense as they have not received instruction asked for from State Department when forwarding copy of last note they received from British Foreign Office which inter alia referred to Miami. Believe if instructions to act energetically are sent United States Embassy, London, difficulties will at once be overcome. As Portugal Parliament opens this month important act energetically at once. Signed Goddard.’”

Foreign Office note dated August 18 forwarded your despatch 1631, August 19, dealt almost entirely with Miami situation. You did not request further instructions. Representations which you were instructed by Departments 256, August 18, 5 P.M. to make, had not been communicated to British Government when Foreign Office note of August 18 was written. Department’s 261, August 25, 6 P.M.98 informed you license for Miami Barbados Cable signed. The contents of these instructions should have been communicated to Foreign Office and as there was no occasion for suspending your activities cannot believe above report.

Take up matter again energetically with Foreign Office following instructions previously sent.

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