811.7353b/93: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Harvey ) to the Secretary of State

270. Your 192, July 1, 3 [1] p.m. Foreign Office states it understands British Company has fulfilled conditions set down by the Department. It calls attention to the resolution adopted by the Western Telegraph Company, Limited (see my telegram 34 January 27, 6 p.m.)79d and states that British Company has gone even farther having voluntarily approached South American Governments in connection with effecting waiver of its exclusive privileges. Foreign Office inquires what condition remains unfulfilled on the part of the British Company.

The head of the American Division of the Foreign Office states that the fact that the British concern claiming that its interests would be harmed by the granting of the American concessions in the Azores is the same company which is suffering through the refusal of the Department of State to grant landing permit at Miami has led the British Government to take especial note of its present objections. It is clear however that the opposition in Lisbon is not purely retaliative as he said plainly that even were the Miami permit granted it could not be guaranteed that this opposition would cease.

  1. Telegram no. 34 not printed; for Western Telegraph Company’s resolution, see telegram no. 3, Feb. 4, to the Chargé in Argentina, vol. i, p. 518.