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The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (A. C. Bedford) to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Secretary: Referring to the conference I had with you on Thursday of last week with reference to Mesopotamia and the rights of the Turkish Petroleum Company, I beg to transmit herewith for the information of the Department, copy of the cablegram which I sent last night to Sir Charles Greenway of the Persian Oil Company, said cablegram having been agreed to at a meeting of the Executives of the several Companies held in my office yesterday afternoon.

As it is possible that the British Foreign Office may mention the matter to the American Ambassador in London, it has occurred to me that the Department might think it desirable to communicate the substance of the despatch above referred to, to the American Ambassador.

Respectfully yours,

A. C. Bedford
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The Chairman of the Board of Directors, Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (A. C. Bedford) to the Chairman of the Anglo-Persian Oil Company (Sir Charles Greenway)

Referring further your telegram June 8th have conferred with State Department and obtained its consent to discuss a practical basis of American participation provided:

  • First: That the principle of the open door already acquiesced in for mandated territories by the Allied Powers be maintained;
  • Second: that the Department does not withdraw its previously communicated views respecting validity of Turkish Petroleum Company’s claims. Department has no objections however to use of Turkish Petroleum Company as a basis for working out some plan acceptable to all participants which later should be ratified or adopted by the Government ruling Mesopotamia which should possess sovereignty.
  • Third: that any arrangement of practical questions involved should be tentative and subject to acceptance by State Department after they have been advised as to its details. The seven American companies interested have considered views of State Department and questions concerning American participation and their views are that percentage you indicated to me would not be adequate from point of view of what would be an equitable proportion to allocate to American interests. If on foregoing information you feel that representative of American group should now visit London to discuss details with Turkish Petroleum Company such a representative will be selected and will probably be able to sail not later than July 8th. We await your further views by cable.

A. C. Bedford