800.01 M 31/130: Telegram

The Ambassador in Great Britain (Harvey) to the Secretary of State

300. The B mandates were officially adopted at this morning’s session of the League Council. Balfour in the course of the debate referred to the fact that complete agreement had been reached with the United States regarding both A and B mandates but he corrected this statement by excepting the Mesopotamia mandate which will not be discussed at this meeting. The Palestine and Syrian mandates will be considered tomorrow and I am informed that the Italians may object to certain economic clauses in the latter. As regards the Palestine mandate while it appears that the Vatican is fairly satisfied with its terms the French Government are anxious that the President of the Commission for the custody of the Holy Places be given to them. The naming of the members of this commission is I understand entrusted to the Council of the League on which the Catholic powers are well represented and it is thereby hoped to satisfy Catholic sentiment. Opposition to the mandate is increasing in Great Britain and a memorial has been prepared by members of both Houses of Parliament for the consideration of the Prime Minister asking that the Council of the League postpone consideration of the mandate for Palestine on account of the growing unrest there. The Palestine-Arab delegation now in London has been very active in this connection.