811.54262/315a: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Germany (Houghton)

63. Your 87, May 5, 5 P.M.9

Of treaties made with German Empire or independent German States the United States desires to revive only Patent Agreement of 1909, concerning revival of which you were instructed in Department’s 61, May 6, 3 P.M. You doubtless understand that revival of that Agreement involves no negotiations with German Government, but merely notice in terms of note set forth verbatim in telegram to Embassy. If necessary, Department may further later inform you at length regarding reasons for not reviving other agreements. Respecting protection of copyrights, you may inform Foreign Office this matter is now subject of discussion with German Embassy here, and this Government perceives no reason why an understanding cannot promptly be reached to make it clear that nationals of each country shall receive the same protection as was accorded prior to war.

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