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The Secretary of State to President Harding

My Dear Mr. President: Ambassador Houghton telegraphed today at 1 p.m. Berlin time, as follows:

“Will sign agreement seven tonight. Will cable directly signature is made and one hour thereafter will give to press.”

This means that in all probability the Claims Agreement has already been signed and given out, and we shall hear to this effect very shortly.3

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Accordingly I am arranging a statement for the press, giving the text of the agreement and the text of the request which was made by the German Government to Ambassador Houghton simultaneously with the signing of the agreement that you should name the Umpire. I am also stating that you have named Associate Justice William R. Day of the United States Supreme Court.

It seems to me important that this designation should be made known as soon as the Convention is made public, in order that the full significance of the arrangement may be understood. I telegraphed Ambassador Houghton to this effect and I assume that he is proceeding accordingly in his statement to the press.

May I ask if this announcement has your approval?4

Faithfully yours,

Charles E. Hughes
  1. At 4:45 p.m., Washington time, a telegram was received, reading “Agreement signed. Houghton.”
  2. This document bears the undated notation in longhand, “Approved. Warren G. Harding.”