462.00 R 294/104

The Department of State to the French Embassy72

The Governments of France, Great Britain and Italy, in the memorandum of November 8, 1922, handed to the Secretary of State on that date by their diplomatic representatives at Washington, with respect to the reimbursement of the cost of maintaining the American Army of Occupation in the Rhineland, refer to the [Page 234] expressed readiness of the Government of the United States to consider suggestions for the reasonable adjustment of the question, and reiterate their willingness to find a practical means of meeting the desires of the United States Government in this matter. In order, therefore, to examine the matter as a whole, they invite the Government of the United States to nominate a representative who could meet with the delegates of the Governments concerned in Paris forthwith, and express the belief that such a procedure will make it possible to prepare for submission to the interested Governments at an early date a satisfactory solution of the question under discussion.

The Government of the United States welcomes the suggestion that it nominate a representative, and has designated Mr. Eliot Wadsworth, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, to meet the delegates of the Governments concerned in Paris, to which city he will proceed as soon as possible.

  1. The same to the British and Italian Embassies.