462.00 R 294/104

The French, British, and Italian Embassies to the Department of State

The memorandum of March 22nd and the supplementary note of March 23rd in which are set forth the views of the Government of the United States concerning the reimbursement of the costs of their army of occupation on the left bank of the Rhine, have received the fullest consideration by the Allied Governments concerned. These Governments have already indicated their willingness to find a practical means of meeting the desires of the United States Government in this matter, so that it does not seem necessary at present to subject the reasoning contained in the United States notes to a detailed examination.

The Allied Governments have equally noted with pleasure the expressed readiness of the United States Government to consider suggestions for the reasonable adjustment of the question. In order therefore to examine the matter as a whole, the Allied Governments would be glad if the United States Government would be good enough to nominate a representative who could meet the Allied delegates in Paris forthwith. The presence of such a representative would enable the Allied Governments to obtain full information on certain aspects of the question in regard to which they are at present in some doubt.

The Allied Governments feel sure that this procedure will make it possible to prepare for submission to the interested Governments at an early date a solution to the question under discussion which will prove satisfactory to all parties concerned.