The Dominican Representatives (Velasquez, Vasquez, and Peynado) to the Chief of the Division of Latin American Affairs, Department of State (White)


Dear Sir: We have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the kind communication which you saw fit to send us today, as well as the draft of an understanding in English together with translation into Spanish, to which you refer.

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In regard to this letter we will say that as we have faith in the high spirit of justice which governs the acts of the Department under the direction of the Honorable Secretary of State, Mr. Hughes, we entertain no doubt but that the reservation contained in the next to the last paragraph was made without any intention to injure the interests of the Dominican people; but as this reservation makes substantial changes possible at the suggestion of advisers not connected with the deliberations which we have been holding, we in turn, although quite as desirous as your Department of upholding the validity and integrity of rights which may have been acquired by third parties, feel obliged, should you insist on maintaining the said reservation, to frame the one following:

When suggested amendments appear to us to involve unjustifiable injury to the interests of the Dominican people, we shall then have the right to withhold our signatures from the understanding.

With sentiments of highest consideration,

  • Franco J. Peynado
  • Horacio Vasquez
  • Fedco Velasquez
  1. File translation revised.