462.00 R 294/11: Telegram

The Ambassador in France ( Herrick ) to the Secretary of State

119. B–653. First. Letter of Finance Ministers dated March 11th just received. Complete text follows:

“We have the honor to acknowledge receipt of the memorandum placed before us by yourself under date of March 10th regarding the payment of the costs of the American Army of Occupation.50

Your communication has received our most serious consideration. You will find enclosed the text of the arrangement signed at Paris [Page 220] today.51 A special article has been added to this document in order to meet the points with which the memorandum is concerned. While we have thus safeguarded all rights of the United States of America, whatever they may prove to be, we are of opinion inasmuch as we are acting under the Treaty of Versailles to which the Government of the United States of America are not a party, the question is one which concerns our respective Governments and should be raised directly through diplomatic representations made by the Government of the United States of America to the Allied Governments.”

Second. Have not yet received text of special article referred to but this article is simply brief reservation to the effect that all the decisions of the conference are taken subject to the rights of the United States. Boyden.

  1. See Department’s telegram no. 71, Mar. 9, supra.
  2. Agreement between Great Britain, Belgium, France, Italy, and Japan respecting the distribution of German reparation payments, signed at Paris, Mar. 11, 1922; British and Foreign State Papers, 1922, vol. oxvi, p. 612.