700.0011 R 34/–: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Herrick)

The Department of State today made the following announcement to the Press:

The German Ambassador, on behalf of his Government, recently submitted to the Secretary of State a proposal to the effect that the Powers interested in the Rhine, to wit, France, Great Britain, Italy and Germany, should “solemnly agree among themselves and promise the Government of the United States that they will not resort to war against each other for a period of one generation without being authorized to do so by a plebiscite of their own people.”

It was deemed inadvisable to transmit the proposal to the Governments named unless it appeared that it would be favorably considered by the French Government. On making informal inquiry of the French Government, the Secretary of State was informed that that Government could not view the proposal with favor as such an arrangement could not be made under the provisions of the French Constitution.

Repeat to London, Berlin, Rome, Lausanne, Brussels.