Proclamation of March 6, 1922, by the Military Governor of Santo Domingo Providing for the Continuance of Military Occupation until Approximately July 1, 1924 14

Whereas, By Proclamation of July 27, 1921,15 the United States Government announced its intention to adhere to the terms of the proposed Convention of Evacuation, outlined in the Proclamation of June 14, 1921, and also announced its intention to postpone the meeting of the Primary Assemblies summoned by order of Convocation dated July 14, 1921, until such time as the success of an election might be assured, and

Whereas, The Dominican people have now had ample time to consider the Proclamation of June 14, 1921, and have given no evidence of their willingness to accept its terms and

Whereas, It would be detrimental to the well-being of the Dominican people to permit the present state of suspense and uncertainty in governmental affairs to continue

Now, Therefore, I, Samuel S. Robison, Rear Admiral, U. S. Navy, Military Governor of Santo Domingo, acting under authority of the Government of the United States, do hereby withdraw and annul the Proclamation of June 14, 1921, and do also withdraw and annul the Proclamation of December 23, 1920,16 and do hereby announce and proclaim that the Military Government will continue to operate in accordance with the Proclamation of November 29, 1916;17 will continue its program of public works and public education, and organization and training of a Dominican Military force sufficient to preserve order in the Republic without the aid of the Military forces of the United States, and for these purposes will negotiate a loan which will be secured by Dominican customs revenues in such manner as not to increase present annual charges. And I do further announce that upon the conclusion of the present program of public works and when an adequate Dominican Military force has been recruited and trained, the United States Government will consider complete withdrawal of the Military Government and of all its military forces, such withdrawal being conditioned upon the prior election of a properly constituted Dominican Government and the prior negotiation and ratification of a treaty providing for an extension of the duties of the [Page 19] General Receiver of Dominican Customs, as appointed under the Convention of 1907, until the loan mentioned above is paid off, and making such other provisions as may appear to be to the mutual advantage of the United States and of the Dominican Republic.

S. S. Robison

Rear Admiral, United States Navy
Military Governor of Santo Domingo

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