Paris Peace Conf. 180.03101/58

BC–51 SWC–17

Minutes of the Meeting of the Supreme War Council Held in M. Pichon’s Room at the Quai d’Orsay, Paris, Saturday, March 15th, 1919, at 3 p.m.

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Present Also Present
America, United States of America, United States of
Hon. R. Lansing General Tasker H. Bliss
Hon. E. M. House Major General M. N. Patrick
Secretaries Dr. S. E. Mezes
Mr. A. H. Frazier Mr. I. Bowman
Mr. L. Harrison Mr. J. B. Scott
Mr. G. Auchincloss Colonel W. S. Browning
British Empire Colonel E. G. Gorrell
The Rt. Hon. D. Lloyd George, M. P. Captain S. Montgomery
The Rt. Hon. A. J. Balfour, O. M., M. P. British Empire
Secretaries General Sir H. H. Wilson, K. C. B., D. S. O.
Lt. Col. Sir M. P. A. Hankey, K. C. B. Admiral Sir R. E. Wemyss, G. C. B., C. M. G., M. V. O.
Mr. E. Phipps Rear Admiral G. P. W. Hope, C. B.
France Major General W. Thwaites, C. B.
M. Clemenceau Major General Hon. C. J. Sackville-West, C. M. G.
M. Pichon Brigadier General P, R. C. Groves, D. S. O.
Secretaries Lt. Col. F. H. Kisch, D. S. O.
M. Dutasta Mr. C. J. B. Hurst, C. B., K. C.
M. Berthelot Captain C. T. M. Fuller, C. M. G., D. S. O., R. N.
M. Arnavon Paymaster-Captain C. F. Pollard, C. B., R. N.
M. de Bearn France
Italy M. Leygues
H. E. M. Orlando Marshal Foch
H. E. Baron Sonnino General Weygand
Secretaries General Belin
Count Aldrovandi General Degoutte
M. Bertele General Duval
Capt. Fracchia Admiral de Bon
M. Brambilla General Le Rond
Japan M. Tardieu
H. E. Marquis Saionji M. Cambon
H. E. Baron Makino M. Fromageot
H. E. M. Matsui M. Degrand
Comdt. de V. Levavasseur
Comdt. Lacombe
Lieut. de V. Odend’hal
Admiral Grassi
General Cavallero
M. Tosti
Marquis della Torretta
Admiral Takeshita
General Nara
Colonel Nagai
Captain Fujioka
Captain Yamamoto

Joint Secretariat

America, United States of Colonel U. S. Grant.
British Empire Captain E. Abraham
France Captain A. Portier.
Italy Lieut. Zanchi.
Japan M. Saburi.

M. Clemenceau said that Mr. Lansing had a resolution to propose.

Power for Representatives on the Inter-Allied Polish Commission to Visit German Parts of Poland Mr. Lansing then read the following resolution:—

It is agreed that:—

Marshal Foch is hereby requested to seek an early opportunity to arrange with the Germans that any member or delegate of the Inter-allied Mission to Poland shall be enabled at any time to visit any portion of the territories east of the Vistula still under German civil or military command.

Mr. Lansing explained that the purpose of the proposal was to obtain means of checking the alleged sale of arms to the Bolsheviks by the Germans whenever they evacuated territory. He presumed that similar information had reached all Governments on this score.

(No comment being made, the above resolution was adopted.)

2. M. Clemenceau said that to complete the nominations to the Aviation Commission, representatives of the smaller Powers were required.

Appointment of Representatives of Powers With Special Interests en the Aviation Commission M. Pichon proposed that the following Powers be invited to nominate members on this Commission:—

  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Greece
  • Roumania
  • Serbia

He thought that it was necessary to designate the Powers that should be represented lest the incident relating to election of delegates for the Financial and Economic Commissions be repeated.

M. Clemenceau said he understood that each of the Powers mentioned would have the right to select their own delegate.

Mr. Balfour suggested that Portugal should be added to the list as the Azores were important as an air station.

M. Pichon said he had no objection to the addition of Portugal.

Mr. Lansing pointed out that Cuba had equally strong claims. Without Cuba the Allies would have had no sugar.

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(It was therefore agreed that the following Powers with special interests should appoint members to the Aviation Commission:

  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Cuba
  • Greece
  • Portugal
  • Roumania
  • Serbia

3. M. Clemenceau stated that he had received a message from President Wilson asking for the postponement of the discussion on the Military, Naval and Aerial Terms of Peace. In view of this request the discussion would be postponed until Monday, 17th March. Military, Naval and Aerial Terms of Peace

4. M. Clemenceau said that the remaining item on the Agenda was the report of the Polish Commission. As some of the Powers present were not ready to discuss this subject, it would be necessary to adjourn its discussion. Report of Polish Commission

(The meeting then adjourned.)

Paris, March 15th, 1919.