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The Minister in Nicaragua ( Jefferson) to the Secretary of State


Department’s April 3, 4 p.m. Statement contained in my telegram of January 29, 11 a.m., refers to judgments of Mixed Claims Commission not parts of Public Credit Commission. Reserve is included in total awards of both cash and bonds as follows: Cash $27,587.31, bonds $92,250, total $119,837.31.

Reserve referred to in cablegram of commission to Enriquez is $130,000 in bonds in excess of amount cash and bonds awarded and is included in amount of $400,000.

Please confirm statement of Enriquez that the amount held in the United States Treasury is $334,000.83, subject to the order of the High Commission, available for gold payments. In accordance with treaty, Minister of Finance will notify Department to deposit these funds to order of the High Commission.

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If the above sum in the Treasury is correct, and the Department so desires, I will immediately notify Ham to transfer money held by him to the High Commission and also to inform Government of Nicaragua.


The Secretary of State to the Minister in Nicaragua ( Jefferson)


Your April 5, 11 a.m. The sum of $334,840.83, which is total remainder of $3,000,000 treaty monies, is not in United States Treasury but is in American Security & Trust Co. of Washington, D. C., where it has been since November last. It was deposited in accordance with the treaty provisions to order of Government of Nicaragua and may be withdrawn only upon order of Mr. Enriquez representing Minister of Finance of Nicaragua and approved by Mr. Stabler designated by the Secretary of State.

High Commission should send list of amounts to be paid from this sum to Mr. Enriquez who will present order approved by Mr. Stabler to the American Security & Trust Co. to make payments direct on behalf of the Government of Nicaragua.

With understanding that all awards of Mixed Claims Commission are provided for in allotment of funds, you may notify Ham to transfer money held by him to High Commission and so inform Government of Nicaragua.