File No. 763.72115/2980

The Minister in Belgium ( Whitlock) to the Secretary of State

No. 429

Sir: With reference to my telegram of the 15th instant, No. 32, regarding the deportations of Belgians from the city of Brussels, I have the honor to state that summonses to appear for examination rare now being sent out by the German authorities, directing the men to appear on Saturday, the 20th instant, at the Gare du Midi.

The method of summoning the men is different from that employed hitherto, and indicates greater care in preparation. No announcements have been posted on the city walls; persons whom it is desired to examine are summoned individually by post card, and are at the same time advised as to the punishment to which they will expose themselves if they do not reply to the summons, the preparatory measures which they should take in view of a possible deportation, and the bureau to which they should apply in the event of their voluntary inscription for work in lieu of deportation.

A copy and translation of this post card of notification are enclosed herewith.

I have [etc.]

Brand Whitlock

Post Card Sent Out by German Authorities Summoning Belgians to Appear for Examination Preliminary to Deportation

Imperial German


You are summoned to present yourself on _ _ _ _ _ _ at 8 a.m. at the Southern Railway Station (entrance from the Rue de France).

In the event that you should not obey the present summons, you would be deported at once by force; furthermore, you would be liable to a sentence of a maximum imprisonment for three months, or of a fine not exceeding 1,000 marks.

As it is possible that you may be sent to a place of work and that in such case you would not have further occasion to get into communication with the members of your family, you are advised to provide yourself with a blanket, with winter clothing, linen, and good boots.

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Whoever signs a contract at the Bureau de l’Industrie, Rue Marie Thérèse, 64, is offered work either in Germany or in Belgium on very advantageous conditions, and need not present himself at the station.

Count von Soden
Colonel and Commandant

The present summons is to be exhibited