File No. 704.6200/80

The Swiss Chargé ( Hübscher ) to the Secretary of State

Department of German Interests
I d Allg. 3


The Chargé d’Affaires of Switzerland ad interim, representing German interests, presents his compliments to the Secretary of State, and, referring to his excellency’s memorandum of July 17, 1917, has the honor to inform his excellency that the Legation has been advised by the Swiss Foreign Office that the German Government has not yet found a neutral power to whom German interests can be confided at Harbin, Barbados, Trinidad, Tahiti, British Guiana, and Jamaica. The Legation is further advised that at Mombasa and Singapore the German interests will be represented by the Netherlands; at Lourenço Marques by Spain, and at Madagascar by Sweden. The German interests in Apia and New Zealand will be represented by the Swiss Consulate at Auckland, and at Queenstown in Tasmania by the Swiss Consulate in Melbourne. Finally, the Legation is informed that there having been no German consulate in Martinique, there will be no necessity for transfer of the representation of interests.