File No. 704.6241/31

The Ambassador in Great Britain ( Page) to the Secretary of State


5993. The Swiss Minister has requested me to turn over to him the archives of the former German division of this Embassy, covering the period from the outbreak of war to our severance of diplomatic relations with Germany, on the ground that it would facilitate his work in representing German interests.

[Page 627]

As these archives, some of which are confidential, are the only record of my stewardship of German interests and contain receipts for the expenditure of German Government funds which if lost could not be replaced, I am strongly averse from parting with them even temporarily and, therefore, earnestly beg you will instruct me to inform the Swiss Minister I am unable to accede to his request.

The foregoing also applies to files of former Austro-Hungarian division of this Embassy for which I understand the Swedish Minister may apply to me.