File No. 704.6200/63

The Swiss Minister ( Ritter) to the Secretary of State

Department of German
Interests I 4 h

Sir: In your note of February 13, 1917, your excellency informed me that telegrams had been received by your Department from the American consular representatives at numerous cities abroad reporting that there are no Swiss consuls at those places to whom German interests can be turned over. This Legation was informed verbally by your Department that this applies principally to Apia, Saigon, Harbin, Singapore, Gibraltar, Tahiti, the Azores, British Guiana, and Madagascar. I immediately cabled my Government to ascertain [Page 625] to whom German interests in these places could be turned over. I am now advised that in the Azores the Spanish consuls are entrusted with German interests, the Spanish Government having taken over charge of German interests in Portugal, and that at Gibraltar the Spanish Consul has also taken charge. Concerning the other places, my Government states, the question is still under consideration.

Accept [etc.]

P. Ritter