File No. 705.6254/17

The Swiss Minister ( Sulzer) to the Secretary of State

Department of German
Interests IV 14


The Minister of Switzerland, representing German interests in the United States, presents his compliments to the Secretary of State, and has the honor to enclose copy of a letter transmitted to this Legation by the Consulate of Switzerland in New York, with reference to obtaining a license under the Trading with the Enemy Act in order to continue to occupy certain premises at 11 Broadway, New York City, the lease for which was originally concluded by the German Government with the Broadway Realty Co.1

The Minister begs leave to direct his excellency’s attention to the statement in this communication that the Swiss Consulate is occupying these premises as agent for the German Government. It is the opinion of this Legation that the Swiss Consulate can in no event be required to apply for license under the above-mentioned act, in view of the fact that the representation of German interests in the United States was undertaken by this Legation with the express consent and agreement of the Government of the United States, a fact which, in itself, is a due and sufficient authorization for these consuls to administer the affairs of German subjects in the United States.

The Minister, therefore, would appreciate it if instructions to this effect would be issued to the proper authorities of the Government of the United States, and that in the particular case here submitted, his excellency would kindly undertake to correct the erroneous statement of the functions of the Swiss consulates in the United States.

  1. Not printed.