File No. 705.6254/11

Memorandum of the Acting Chief of the Division of Western European Affairs of the Department of State ( Sterling )


In a conversation with Dr. Hübscher of the Swiss Legation, he was informed that all former German consular secretaries (commissioned officers) at present attached to the Swiss Legation or Swiss consulates must either depart from the United States or resign their present positions. …

The German clerks who had been taken over by the Swiss Legation and Swiss consulates from the former German Embassy and [Page 614] German consulates would also be required to leave the United States or resign their positions, with the exception of those who are American citizens or British subjects. …

Dr. Hübscher was also advised that in the future no Germans should be employed at the Swiss Legation or consulates.

F. [rederick] A. S. [terling]