File No. 124.63/23

The Chargé in Austria-Hungary ( Grew) to the Secretary of State


1829. Minister of Foreign Affairs has requested me to inform the Department that the Austro-Hungarian Government will place special train at disposal of Embassy staff on departure 7th [14th] instant and will send a Foreign Office official to accompany staff to Austro-Swiss frontier, and he has asked me to request our Government in reciprocity to send an official of the Department of State to accompany Count Tarnowski as far as Halifax in order to obviate any possible difficulties there. I have told the Minister that in my opinion it would not be possible for the Department to send an American official farther than to the port of departure in American territory and that the principle of reciprocity would thereby be fulfilled, but that if he would permit me communicate in code I would transmit a request on the Minister’s behalf that the Department ask the British Ambassador in Washington to take such steps as would obviate any unnecessary difficulties for Count Tarnowski and his official party at the hands of the Canadian authorities. Count Czernin’s request to me is prompted by reports received here to the effect that Count Bernstorff’s official party were subjected to unnecessary hardship during their examination at Halifax. I report the foregoing without comment for such action as the Department may consider proper.