File No. 701.6311/276

The Secretary of State to the Austro-Hungarian Chargé ( Zwiedinek )

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of this day’s date by which, under instructions of your Government, you notify me that, in consequence of the resolution of the Congress of the United States declaring a state of war to exist between the United States and Germany, the relations between the United States and Austria-Hungary have come to an end, and that Count Tarnowski has been instructed to return to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy with the personnel of the Embassy and consulates and to turn over the protection of Austrian and Hungarian subjects in the United States to the Royal Swedish Legation at this capital.

In response to your request, I have the honor to hand to you a passport for yourself and suite and another for the Ambassador designate, Count Tarnowski.

Accept [etc.]

Robert Lansing