File No. 841.711/1943

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp) to the Secretary of State


1967. Department’s 2060, March 10. In a note received to-day from Foreign Office in reference to nondelivery and return of commercial letters sent from the United States to Greece, it is stated that as result of a series of grave acts contrary to neutrality committed by the Royal Government of Greece for the benefit of belligerent enemies and to the prejudice of the Government of the Republic and of its Allies, the latter found themselves compelled, under date of December 7 last, to take certain measures of defense, amongst others the closing and blockade of the territories under the authority of the said Royal Government. Although this measure, of which the Journal Officiel last December gave public notice, involves the seizure and stoppage of all such communications, it seemed possible in the interest of foreign private individuals not to seize their correspondence but order its return to the senders. This practice will come to an end as soon as the necessity for the measure taken shall have disappeared. While awaiting this result the Foreign Office expresses the hope that the Government of the United States will only see in the return of correspondence a manifestation of the constant solicitude of the French Government to restrain as much as possible the difficulties which a state of war unfortunately involves for citizens of countries foreign to the conflict.