File No. 763.72/7770

The Minister in Uruguay ( Jeffery) to the Secretary of State

No. 288

Sir: I have the honor to enclose herewith copy of the communication from the Uruguayan Foreign Office advising that on October 15 the decrees of neutrality heretofore proclaimed by the Uruguayan Government have been revoked.

It will be noticed that the reasons assigned for this action are based upon the principle of American solidarity rather than for reasons of direct grievances suffered from the German Government.

I have [etc.]

Robert Emmett Jeffery

The Uruguayan Minister of Foreign Affairs ( Brum) to the American Minister

No. 1201/917

Mr. Minister: I have the high honor to communicate to your honor that the Government of the Republic, under date of the 7th of the current month of October, declared its diplomatic and commercial relations with the Imperial German Government to be severed, and being expressly authorized by the legislative power, it has just proclaimed under date of to-day a decree revoking the dispositions in force with reference to neutrality of the Republic with respect to France, England, Belgium, Italy, Portugal, Russia, Japan Serbia, Roumania, and Montenegro, which had been proclaimed under different dates on account of the state of war in which said nations were engaged with the German Government.

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In adopting such an attitude, Uruguay does so because it understands that it is not possible for it to remain any longer as a simple spectator in this world struggle in which the supreme interests of democracy are fighting against the autocracy of the German Empire, in which struggle those countries which are tied to Uruguay by the same communion of ideals are taking part and to which it must bring its assistance and moral support.

Uruguay enters to form part of that league of honor to which President Wilson referred when, without passion and having no material interests to serve, he proclaimed his honest policy.

In taking this action Uruguay has no private grievance to avenge nor any direct offense to repress. Its attitude is based solely upon the principle of elevated solidarity with the defenders of right and justice who are at this time the noble defenders of small sovereignties unselfishly fighting for the world democracy.

I reiterate [etc.]

Baltasar Brum