File No. 763.72/7619

The Chargé in Paraguay ( Sussdorff) to the Secretary of State


Paraguayan Minister for Foreign Affairs has informed me that he telegraphed to the Pan American Union on April 16 last,2 suggesting that a conference of all the American Republics be called to discuss the advisability of collective action in regard to Germany’s submarine policy; that the Union acknowledged the receipt of his telegram but that he has heard nothing further of his proposal. The Minister said that in view of the failure of the American republics to take collective action in this matter he feels that each government is entitled to follow the course which its own interests dictate in dealing with Germany.

  1. According to the Chargé’s despatch No. 271 of Dec. 5, enclosing a copy of the telegram, the date was actually Apr. 15 (File No. 763.72/8918).