File No. 733.6512/5

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Italy ( Page)


922. Department has received a confidential cablegram from the Minister at Montevideo stating that Uruguay has proposed an arbitration treaty with Italy and that the Italian Government refuses to agree to such a treaty.1 The Minister informs the Department that Minister for Foreign Affairs of Uruguay has told him that Uruguay is desirous of assuming a more favorable attitude towards the Entente Allies than she has adopted at present, but that as France, England, and Italy have in the past not shown the Government of Uruguay that consideration it considers itself entitled to, Uruguay desires that arbitration treaties be made with the three above-mentioned Governments before she takes any final steps in their favor. It is understood that the British Minister has promised the Government of Uruguay to secure agreement from his Government for the desired arbitration treaty, and apparently France has accepted the Uruguayan proposal. It would now seem that Italy is the only one of the three nations which does not desire to meet the wishes of the Uruguayan Government.

As favorable action by Uruguay at this time is extremely important to the cause represented by the United States and the Allied powers, the Department instructs you to approach the Government to which you are accredited in a most discreet manner and intimate to it that its acceptance of the proposed arbitration treaty with Uruguay would undoubtedly be a great factor in obtaining a desirable attitude on the part of the Uruguayan Government. Do not go so far as to urge this suggestion. Report immediately by cable as to results of your representations.

  1. Not printed.