File No. 832.85/34

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Brazil ( Morgan)


Your September 27, 1 p.m. You may inform Minister Foreign Affairs, should he approach you along lines set forth in your cable gram, that this Government would be prepared to accept a proposal of the character outlined should it be made to the United States before being made to the other powers and should, at the same time, a request be made of the United States by Brazil that the United States make arrangements with Great Britain and France as to the employment of the vessels in question.

You may say to the Minister, Foreign Affairs that such a proposal would be considered by this Government as a further proof of Brazilian friendship for the United States and as evidence of its adherence to the doctrines of Americanism.

You may also intimate if you see no objections to so doing to the Minister, Foreign Affairs that this Government considers that any objections which might be raised by the British and French Ministers to this procedure might well be offset by a statement from the Brazilian Government that Brazil’s request of the United States to make arrangements with the other powers as to the employment of the vessels in question was based on Pan-American relationship.