File No. 862.20235/92

The Ambassador in Argentina ( Stimson ) to the Secretary of State


House met yesterday. Overwhelmingly in favor rupture relations with Germany. Minister for Foreign Affairs disclosed new facts [Page 330] as follows: After receiving telegrams from Molina, Argentine Minister, Berlin, that Bussche, Undersecretary Foreign Office, disavowed Luxburg’s proposals, the Argentine Foreign Office waited two days and then, September 19, cabled Molina, ordering him with insistence to demand at once written reply of German Government, so that no doubt remains that it does not support Luxburg, and again, September 21, cabled Molina urgency of reply on which depends the attitude that the Argentine Government will assume. He closed by assuring the House that the Executive would proceed as Argentine citizen or as soldier if necessary.

Pending dinner hour it was given out from administration circles that the President, if compelled to act, would not be satisfied with rupture but would declare state of war and send troops to France.

At 9 p.m. sitting was resumed, and at midnight Minister for Foreign Affairs appeared again and read cable from Molina just received, dated September 22, and incorporating note of Kühlmann, German Secretary of State, dated September 21, and stating that the Imperial German Government absolutely disapproves of Luxburg’s ideas which were purely personal, have not influenced nor will influence the decisions and promises of the German Government, Molina adding that Kühlmann’s manner was most decisive and that the German press unanimously disapproves Luxburg. Minister for Foreign Affairs closed by saying that the President had come to no decision with respect to this telegram and left it to the House whether it should insist further. Thereupon, at 2 a.m. to-day, the House adjourned till to-morrow.