File No. 862.20235/44

The Ambassador in Argentina ( Stimson) to the Secretary of State


Minister for Foreign Affairs makes public denial that any undertaking, express or implied, was made by Argentine Government for limiting clearances Argentine shipping to Las Palmas, and refers to fiat rejection of protocol proposed by Luxburg, and the fact that since May the following Argentine vessels have cleared for war zone: Union, June 2; Brazil and Bolivia, June 6; Itambery or Stanley, June 14; Francia, Inglaterra, Peru, and Venezuela, June 26; all for Havre. Of these all have safely arrived at destination except the Brazil and Bolivia, reported leaving Lisbon August 16, the Stanley which left Funchal August 28, Venezuela, Inglaterra, and Peru, which left Funchal August 23, 29, and 30, respectively. The Oran and Guazú mentioned in Luxburg’s cable arrived safely at Bordeaux June 4, 8, respectively.

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Luxburg is still absent; Lowen1 refuses interviews. Newspapers state that Foreign Office last night had still not received Naon’s cable No. 138, reporting information, although Nos. 139 and 141 duly arrived; therefore Argentine Government is still awaiting official confirmation before taking any action.

  1. Swedish Minister at Buenos Aires.