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The Minister in Peru ( McMillin) to the Secretary of State


President Pardo read his message to new Congress last night. He quoted extensively, with approval, from President Wilson’s message April 2, 1917,3 concluding with following comment:

Peru, which in all the acts of its international life, has tried to incorporate these principles of justice in the juridical and political relations of the American peoples; Peru, which in a recent war sacrificed to these ideals in blood of its sons, the richness of its treasures, and the hopes of its future, can not be indifferent to the words of President Wilson, and adheres once more to such noble propositions.

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The suffering of humanity will not have been sterile during these years of terrible war, which draws into it the most powerful and most pacific democracy of history, if with its efforts there is raised the new edifice of international society on the immutable base of justice and respect for sovereignty.

Brazil, Cuba, Bolivia, and Panama have suspended their diplomatic relations with the Central powers.

Uruguay has taken the initiative so that the South American states may receive in their ports the American warships in the conception of sister nations and not belligerents, a conception compatible with the terms of benevolent neutrality to whose rules my Government has adhered with sympathy.

Greatest applause by audience and Congress followed declarations favorable to United States. This prolonged.

Leading dailies have strong editorials commending President’s favorable attitude toward United States.

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