File No. 600.359/21a

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Argentina ( Stimson)


American Government adopting measures to restrict local consumption its own wheat in order that more may be exported to Allies, and every large wheat-growing country and the nations friendly to the Allied cause are expected to make similar sacrifices or readjustments in their export distribution.

You will take this matter up discreetly with the Argentine Government and inquire whether Argentina could arrange their present plan of export allotment to foreign countries in such a way that Great Britain and France can obtain from Argentina unconditionally a larger quantity than at present, and thus render great material help to the United States in its efforts to prevent any shortage in the supply of wheat to our Allies in Europe, which would be disastrous to the great cause for which we are struggling.

The French Government informs Department that Argentina is shipping grain and foodstuffs to Spain and is not making shipments foodstuffs of satisfactory amounts to France.

British Government states that while Brazil, Spain, Norway, and Paraguay have received unconditional permission to arrange for export 100,000 tons wheat from Argentina, similar permission has only been granted to Great Britain and her Allies on condition that the wheat exported is replaced from Australia, and only method of effecting such replacement is by means of sailing vessels from Australia, and the quantity which can be replaced by this method is uncertain.