File No. 641.326/5

The British Embassy to the Department of State


His Majesty’s Government were approached some weeks ago by the Government of Brazil in regard to the prohibition of the importation of coffee into the United Kingdom.

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His Majesty’s Government had agreed to allow the importation of an amount of Brazilian coffee equivalent to 25 per cent of total imports into the United Kingdom in 1916 from all sources. They are now further considering the importation under license of a small proportion of the normal imports of Brazilian coffee into the United Kingdom if carried on German vessels recently taken over by the Brazilian Government, on condition that these vessels should bring to the United Kingdom other cargo of national importance or else that on their arrival at a British port they should be put at the disposal of the Ministry of Shipping.

His Majesty’s Ambassador has received instructions to ascertain from the Government of the United States whether they would have any objection to the adoption of this proposal.