File No. 763.72/5016

The Secretary of State to the Honduran Minister of Foreign affairs ( Vásquez)

Excellency: I have had the honor to receive your excellency’s note of May 17,1 by which you inform me that Honduras, impelled by its friendship for the United States, has resolved to offer to this country its cooperation in the war between this nation and Germany, and will enter into a convention to that effect if such a cause should appear to be advisable.

This valued tender of cooperation by Honduras I am happy to accept on the part of the Government and people of the United States, who are highly gratified to receive this evidence not only of the friendship which the Government and people of Honduras entertain for the United States, but of their desire as well to do their part to uphold the principles of right and justice which guide and govern free peoples.

Requesting that your excellency will be so good as to make known to the President, the Government, and the people of Honduras the [Page 303]appreciation and gratitude of the Government and people of the United States for this welcomed proof of the determination of Honduras to safeguard, in cooperation with the United States, these fundamental truths on which the free democratic governments of America were founded and are conducted, I avail myself [etc.]

Robert Lansing
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