File No. 763.72/5378

The Minister in Uruguay ( Jeffery) to the Secretary of State


Following is literal copy of Executive order of Uruguayan Government issued to-day.

Considering that in various communications the Government of Uruguay has proclaimed the principle of American solidarity as the criterion of its international policy, understanding that the grievance against the rights of one country of the continent would be considered as a grievance by all and provoke them to uniform and common reaction, second, that in the hope of seeing an agreement in this respect realized between the nations of America which may make the practical and efficient application of such ideals possible, the Government has adopted a watchful attitude with reference to its action, although it has signified in each case its sympathy with the continental nations which have seen themselves obliged to abandon their neutrality;

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Considering that, as long as such an agreement is not made, Uruguay, without acting contrary to its sentiments and convictions, could not treat the American nations which in defense of their own rights find themselves compromised in an intercontinental war, as belligerents; and

Considering that this criterion is shared by the honorable Senate;

The President of the Republic, at a general Cabinet meeting, decrees:

To order that no American country which in defense of its own rights should find itself in a state of war with nations of other continents will be treated as belligerents;
That it is ordered that existing decrees which may be in opposition to this resolution are to remain without fulfillment;
Let it be communicated, published, [etc.]

Viera, President