File No. 763.72119/587½

The Argentine Ambassador ( Naón) to the Secretary of State

My Dear Mr. Secretary: As I promised you this morning, I have the pleasure of sending to you a paraphrase of the cable received by me to-day. As I stated to you, I am most interested in discussing this subject thoroughly and if the President and you yourself would think advisable, I would be very glad and highly honored to pay a visit to the President with that object in view.

As I stated to you this morning the most earnest desire both of my Government and of myself would be completely to remove any misunderstanding, no matter how slight it might be, that may have arisen by the initiative to which that cable refers. I beg you to advise me whether an interview with the President could be arranged.

With my kindest regards [etc.]

R. S. Naón

Paraphrase of Telegram Received by the Argentine Embassy

The Argentine Embassy has received official information in regard to a meeting of the American nations at the initiative of the Argentine Government with the purpose of trying to come to an understanding between them on the occasion of the present war and its aggravation from day to day. The Argentine Government thinks that the American nations should concrete an uniform judgment in that regard, bringing into realization the earnest desire of establishing ties capable of strengthening their situation and personality in the general concert of the nations. The idea has been accepted by Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Guatemala, Nicaragua, San Salvador, Ecuador, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Haiti, and the Department of Foreign Affairs is expecting the responses of the other nations in order to propose the date for the international meeting. The Argentine Government will be desirous to know the thought of the Government of the United States about this initiative and thinks that it is most interesting that it realizes the true spirit and purposes of such a meeting, lending to it its moral adherence.

The fact that the Government of the United States of America was already in war with Germany when the idea of this meeting was initiated was the reason why it did not receive the same invitation sent to the other American nations.

It is unnecessary to say that in initiating this idea the Argentine Government has not been prompted in any way or shape whatsoever to separate itself from its traditional policy toward the United States which has always been consequent [sic] and frank. The most constant [Page 283] cordiality and friendship of our relations with the American people as well as our plain recognition of the justice of its position publicly stated when the state of war with Germany was declared, are facts conclusive enough to prove that any act initiated or seconded by the Argentine Government can not be interpreted as in any way unfriendly by it toward the United States.