File No. 763.72/7781

The Guatemalan Minister ( Méndez) to the Secretary of State


Mr. Secretary of State: I have just received the following cable from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala:

Minister Méndez, Legation of Guatemala, Washington. The Government of Guatemala to-day broke off relations with the German Empire, handing his passports to Minister Lehmann and canceling the exequaturs of the German Consul accredited to Guatemala. Advise the American Government. Toledo H[errarte].

In communicating the action of my Government to your excellency, I take pleasure in reiterating that Guatemala, from the first, has adhered to and supported the attitude of the United States in the [Page 272] defense of the rights of nations, the liberty of the seas, and of international justice, and that it has always considered itself in unity with your great nation in the lofty principles which it has so wisely proclaimed for the good of humanity.

Therefore, Guatemala takes the greatest pleasure in offering to the United States of America her territorial waters, her ports and railways for use in common defense, as also all elements which may be available for the same purpose.

I avail myself [etc.]

Joaquín Méndez