File No. 862.20212/270a

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Mexico ( Fletcher)


124. The President desires that you take an early opportunity to discuss the present situation very frankly with General Carranza. You may say that this Government relying upon his declaration of Mexico’s neutrality in the war between the United States and Germany confidently expects his Government to prevent Mexican territory from becoming a base of hostile acts toward the United States. General Carranza is, of course, aware that numbers of German subjects have passed and are passing from the United States to Mexico. Their known activities in the latter country cause this Government to be apprehensive of complications which the President is anxious to avoid. Appreciating the frank avowal of neutrality by General Carranza it seems needless to express the hope that he will take prompt and effective steps to prevent illegal acts of German subjects in Mexico which may interrupt or injure the trade of countries friendly with Mexico, jeopardize the lives and property of their citizens, or in any way compromise the neutrality of Mexico.