File No. 763.72/3770

The Ambassador in Argentina ( Stimson ) to the Secretary of State


Argentine Minister for Foreign Affairs called [me] to the Government office at 8 this evening to say that a Cabinet meeting had just resolved on the answer of Argentina to my note announcing a state of war between the United States and the German Government, which answer was written by the President himself.

Mr. Ambassador: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note communicating that the Congress of the United States declared and the President proclaimed that state of war exists between, the United States and the Imperial German Government.

The Government of the Argentine Republic, in view of the causes which have induced the United States of America to declare war with the German Empire, recognizes the justice of that resolution inasmuch [Page 250] as it is based upon the violation of principles of neutrality made sacred by the rules of international law which have ever been considered as the definitive conquests of civilization.

Accept [etc.]

The above note, undated, was delivered to me in person by Pueyrredon at 8.20 p.m. He said that he would cable it to Naón.1 The Minister further said and authorized me to cable that Argentina would justify this departure from strict neutrality not only by her friendship to the United States but because she was in a sense party to a written promise of the German Government, notice of the breach of which had been served upon her by Germany itself.

  1. Argentine Ambassador at Washington.