File No. 763.72/3181

The Minister in Greece ( Droppers) to the Secretary of State


237. Greek Government announce concession of Entente that indispensable victuals may be introduced pending the raising blockade. Entente allege large store rifles not yet accounted for. Salute to flags Monday last.


[See telegram No. 4994, February 4, 1917 (received February 5, 8.30 p.m.), from the Ambassador in Germany, post, page 114, for the following statement of peace terms reported as made to the Ambassador by the Chancellor:

Germany to give up Belgium but retaining so-called guaranties such as railroads, forts, a garrison, ports, commercial control, etc.; a [Page 38] slice of France through rectification of frontier; will only give back a small part of Serbia, and Bulgaria can do as she likes with Roumania and everybody must pay indemnities to Germany, etc.

The Ambassador adds: “If Bernstorff has given President any other terms he is fooling him, but do not quote me to Bernstorff.”]