File No. 763.72/3736

The Minister in Cuba ( Gonzales ) to the Secretary of State


The President is ready send to Washington commission embracing several members general staff to confer as to Cuba’s part. Wishes notification on this point. Protective measures taken as far as practicable.

German hemp factory near Matanzas where activity suspected and German Army officer located occupied by Government forces to-night.

At my suggestion order for registration of every German in the country telegraphed military district commanders. Orders issued arrest German reserve officers in Cuba.

The President wished delay occupying interned ships till Congress acted, but at four o’clock this afternoon having advices attempt be made sink ships in mouth of harbor and finding steam raised on the Bavaria, he seized the boats. Two boilers on Bavaria ruined, officers and crews placed in Cabañas fortress. Immediate need is number of high-power gasoline boats to patrol coast and keys where there is abundant shelter for submarine bases.


[For the letter from Mr. Fernández Guardia, representing the Tinoco government, to the Secretary of State, April 9, 1917, expressing support of the action of the United States and offering the use of Costa Rican ports and waters to the American Navy, see Foreign, Relations, 1917, page 321.]